Nail Technology Program

Nail Technology Program

Course Includes:

  • Manicuring
  • Pedicuring
  • Electric File Certification
  • Artificial Nails: Acrylic/Fiberglass/Gel

Electric Nail Filing Certification Included – $400 value

As you read about the training we offer our students, try to imagine yourself in our classrooms learning the manicuring program. We want our graduates to be prepared and well trained in all the areas of manicuring, pedicuring, and artificial nails. Your basics will be extensive and if you apply yourself to learning all that we have to offer, you can be on your way to applying for the career of your dreams in just 5 months. You will have many more opportunities for success with all the knowledge you may gain from this program.

All students attend our Salon Success Classes. This program is all about the steps necessary to build your salon business. Yes, your salon business. You don’t have to be a salon owner to have a salon business. We train you to think and work your business to build it each day. This is how you become successful in the salon world. It takes dedication to build exceptional guest relations to encourage your guests to return and to purchase retail products to support the service(s) you have just given them. Salon Success teaches the people skills and business skills for success!

The credit hour education is provided through a sequential set of learning steps which address specific tasks necessary for the state board preparation, graduation and job entry level skills. Student Salon equipment, implements, and products are comparable to those used in the industry. Each student will receive instruction that relates to the performance of useful, creative, and productive career oriented activities. The course is presented through comprehensive lesson plans which reflect effective education methods. Subjects are presented by means of interactive lecture, demonstration, cooperative learning, student salon activities, and student participation. Audio-visual aids – DVD’s and Power Point – guest speakers, field trips, projects, activities, and other related learning methods are used in the course.

Upon enrollment in the manicure program you will enter an orientation program that will give you all the policies and procedures of the school. All of our programs cycle in four week blocks

As a manicure student you will receive your textbooks and kit items for the nail program. You will train with the cosmetology students for four weeks of basics and four weeks of advanced. During the basics you will be scheduled in the classroom full time. During the advanced training you will be scheduled in the student salon for nail services and part time in the classroom. Our nail students learn the following:

  • Basic and spa manicures with OPI products
  • Natural nail care with Nail Tek products
  • Basic and spa pedicures with OPI products
  • Artificial Nails
  • Acrylic nail applications using OPI Absolute and OPI Clarite’ products
  • Gel nail applications using OPI Axxium Gel
  • Electric file certification for use with manicures, pedicures and artificial nails
  • Nail art / introduction to fantasy nail competition
  • Guest speakers
  • Create a marketing project for nail services
  • Introduction to aromatherapy
  • Sanitation and safety

Our students receive the electric file certification as part of their training in the manicure program. This certification has a value of $400 but is included in the tuition.

The educators for the nail program love teaching and working with nails. They inspire their students to create beautiful nails and give exceptional guest services. Our student salon is equipped with modern spa pedicure stations and a separate room for the manicuring and artificial nail services.

At the end of this four weeks of basic training you will then move into the student salon to begin your salon experience. In the student salon you will be assigned guest services for all the nail services you just acquired during your basic training. You will be guided and graded by your educators in the salon.

Preparation for the State Board Exam
Our students will train in the classroom to prepare to take the state board written and practical exams.

Once you complete all of the classes and requirements of the manicure program you will be scheduled for an exit interview and given instructions to proceed to the state board exam. The state exam process will take approximately two to three weeks. Once our graduates have completed the practical exam and the last phase of the exam which is the written test and passed it, they will be given a license and at this moment the graduate is eligible to begin their career.

Manicuring is a great choice for a career but it is also a very intense program and requires a lot of dedication. Are you up for it? If so, please contact us for a tour and more information regarding our program(s).

Program Costs and Disclosures - Nail Technology Program

20 Credits
Certificate Program
CIP CODE: 12.0410

Books: $200.00
Kit: $700.00
Sales Tax: $68.00
Tuition: $4,560.00
Total Program Cost: $5,528.00

The manicure program will take 5 months to complete for the full-time attendance schedule of 30 hours per week.

Zero percent (0%) of the manicure students who were scheduled to graduate between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016 completed their program within the graduation date on their contract as compared to the total number of graduates scheduled to complete in the same time frame. There was one student for this statistical group.

*This rate does not reflect our actual completion rate.  The above rate is computed using metrics prescribed by the Federal Regulations found in section 34 of the Code of Federal Regulations

Our completion/graduation rates for the manicure program for the reporting requirements of National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences (NACCAS) in the 2015 annual report is eighty percent (80%). This completion/graduation rate represents the students who were scheduled to complete the program between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015.

Our Licensure rate for the students who took their manicure exam in 2015 is one hundred percent (100%) . This represents the students who passed the last part of their exam (written) on the first time.

Twenty-five percent (25%) of the graduates who were eligible for employment in 2015 for the manicure program are employed. This percentage represents the students who were employed and responded to our surveys prior to November 30, 2016. Four students were eligible for employment in the manicure program.

All graduates must be declared eligible for placement unless they meet one of the following five conditions for ineligibility:
a. The graduate is deceased
b. The graduate is permanently disabled
c. The graduate is deployed for military service/duty
d. The graduate studied under a student visa and is ineligible for employment in the U.S.
e. The graduate continued his/her education at an institution under the same ownership (e.g., a graduate of your cosmetology program subsequently enrolled in the instructor program of an institution under the same ownership)

O*Net is the nation’s primary source for occupational information and a tool to search potential career options and obtain valuable information about numerous occupations. You may visit O*Net at and enter the CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs) code listed under “education” for more information related to the program.

A Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Code is the number that represents an occupational classification which links a particular education program to a list of occupations. The following SOC Code is related to the manicure program:

SOC Code – 39-5092.00 – Manicurist and Pedicurist or go to:

The medium loan debt listed below or the medium amount of money borrowed by the manicure students who graduated between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016:
Federal Direct Loans: $2,533.00
Private Educational Loans: $0.00
Institutional Financing: $0.00
Percent of program graduates who took out educational loans: 100%

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Program Cost of Attendance and Budget - Nail Technology Program


20 Credits/600 Hours

Dependent Students Living with Parents

Academic Year #1 
Tuition: $4560.00
Books/Kit/Tax: $968.00
Room/Board: $3895.00
Other: $39.00
TOTAL: $9,462.00
All Others – Academic Year #1
Tuition: $4560.00
Books/Kit/Tax: $968.00
Room/Board: $6920.00
Other: $68.00
TOTAL: $12,516.00

Dependent Students Living with Parents

Academic Year #1 – 20 Credits
Tuition: $4560.00
Books/Kit/Tax: $968.00
Room/Board: $6262.00
Other: $39.00
TOTAL: $11,799.00
All Others – Academic Year #1 – 20 Credits
Tuition: $4560.00
Books/Kit/Tax: $968.00
Room/Board: $11,072.00
Other: $68.00
TOTAL: $16,668.00

NOTE: Hair Dynamics Education Center does not provide on-campus housing. The above figures for room and board are estimates based on the research conducted by the Colorado Commission of Higher Education for the FY 2016-2017 award year.

The costs listed above are estimated figures of the total cost of attendance which includes expenses outside of tuition and fees. Estimates for room and board as well as travel costs are outlined to serve as a reference for prospective students.

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