Pivot Points

Why Pivot Point Education

Hair Dynamics Education Center is proud to be a Pivot Point Member School. Pivot Point provides us with the educational structure to develop true hair designers through the Designer’s Approach (DA) to Cosmetology/Hair Styling Programs. Designers that see, think, create and adapt to all facets of their work. Then and only then, do they begin to create the finished hair design. Pivot Point believes in the importance of developing a designer to know why, as well as how something works. Knowing how only results in technical skills — knowing why allows the freedom to create.

Our students benefit from the most comprehensive curriculum, in print, DVD and now online: Sculpture, Color, Hair Design, Texture, Cosmetology Fundamentals as well as Salon Success, the Career Advancement Program. The Pivot Point Program empowers the student to take hold of their destiny by building their skills in courses that inspire their creativity, teach techniques and new disciplines and prepares them with the business skills to succeed.

The talent, knowledge and skills you gain from a Pivot Point education will allow you the opportunity to go many places, whether it’s working in a top salon, running your own business or competing in international hair shows.