Mission Statement

Mission Statement

It’s our passion to train students in fields related to the cosmetology industry. We train individuals so that they will be experienced assets to their employers as well as their profession. Our objective is to develop the talents, technical skills and professional attitudes of each of our students. That way, when graduation time comes, they are fully prepared to take both practical and written examinations given by PSI Services, LLC. on behalf of the Colorado State Board of Barber and Cosmetology. Once they pass their examinations and receive their license they are ready to pursue a position at the salon of their dreams.

We want to challenge our students to be creative and have fun by offering opportunities to use their skills to create fashion, fantasy and everyday styles. Our mission is to help develop awareness of the limitless opportunities that await our graduates. We are a part of the fashion industry that includes hairstyles, makeup, nails and clothing. We want to help our students develop their own fashion style and to teach them to help others along their way.

Community service is a very important aspect of any career. We will encourage our students to help with the needs of this community by utilizing their training to help with fundraisers and special needs groups.

Our goal is to prepare students for a successful and rewarding career by providing our graduates with the ability to:

  • Develop a professional attitude toward their employer, fellow employees and guests.
  • Develop a knowledge, understanding and skill in their desired course/program.
  • Develop good ethical conduct.
  • Instill the understanding that their education is on-going and should continue beyond their initial training to ensure professional growth.
  • Understand and apply safety and sanitary measures where applicable and as required by the Colorado Office of Barber & Cosmetologist.
  • Develop an awareness of the cosmetology industry and the many career opportunities.
  • Have a knowledge and awareness of the importance of salon professional products for hair/skin/nail services.